Personal information forwarded to Marine through this website is only used as below.

Privacy Policy

By using our Internet site, you are allowed to use personal data obtained by our website by companies linked to sealight.

Sealight uses this data for the following purposes:

Printed publications or other correspondence to send.
To send press releases or notifications by e-mail.
Delivering your purchased products or prizes.
To process reservation requests.
To calculate the statistics for your transactions, and to create commercial statistics and analysis related to the use of website.

The agencies or contractors that provide service to the seawash are required to keep the information in question and are not allowed to use this information for any purpose other than fulfilling the services they perform for sea light.

Sea Light Privacy Policy

The website you have visited is operated by the sealight and is operated by.

The sea light is committed to protecting the personal privacy of you. This Privacy Policy explains the types of information collected on this website by the sealight and how we use them to use them. This policy also tells you how to do what you have to do if you don't want your website to meet your website "your personal information" and how to change the information you have provided us. This policy only applies to this website. For example, we are not valid for cuffs, ads or promotions that we can sponsor or participate in the ownership of third parties.

Your permission in terms of this Privacy Policy

Using our website, you can show that you are agreed with the terms of our current privacy policy declared in this field of site. If you are not agreed on the terms in this policy, please do not specify your personal information on this site.

On this site you choose to not specify personal information, you will not be able to provide access to the specific areas of the site, to request online news newsletter, make online reservations, apply for business, to apply for business, or send us electronic mail to us.

Personal Information Collection

As used in this Privacy Policy, it is personal information that can be diagnosed as "Personal Information", name, home address, phone number, credit card information and e-mail address. The site you have entered can collect some or all of these personal types of information. If you do not voluntarily give you this information, we will assure your side that you will not collect any personal information from your visits to our site.

When you provide personal information to us, you are authorized to use this information in line with the terms of the privacy policy.

The site you enter may ask you to receive personal information in relation to third parties. Note that we will only use this type of information in accordance with the specified purpose and if we do not communicate with our third party parties, and as long as we will not connect again by e-mail to this third party.

How is your information used?

When you use your personal information on this website, we will use this type of information only in accordance with the specific purpose where it is collected (for example, to insert you to the newsletter membership or to send you electronic mail for the notification that you have done to you). This information can also be used to send you knowledge and / or promotional announcement on our products and / or services regarding our products and / or services that we will be interested in. In this information, we can share information and / or offer information on their products / services, or we can communicate with carefully selected companies. However, whenever you want, you can opt out of such communication.

Sometimes we can activate third parties to process or analyze the data we collect in our websites, including personal information. In addition, if you order a product or service from us, we can share the personal information about your side with suppliers or third parties to ensure the delivery of the product or service. The personal information about your part is not permitted by these suppliers and other third parties.

Finally, we will inform you that we can disclose your personal information, laws, search warrants, subsequent words or court orders.

Other data we can collect

You have heard "cookies" (information blocks) with information files or parts stored in the web traveler in your computer's hard drive. The marine light can use the "cookies" to collect information such as our services you visit and our services you benefit on our website. We collect this information to be able to change our site, our products and our products you need. These "cookies" can also be used to help accelerate your future activities on our website. For example, you can recognize the personal information you give to a site, use and to avoid the same information to be asked once again. Many webverters are preset to accept a "cookie". Preferably, you can reject the "cookie" or set your own web traveler in terms of warning when "cookie" is sent. Refusing "cookies" on the site you entered can prevent you from receiving some areas of the site or receiving the personalized information when you visit the site.

In addition, we continuously develop the promotion of our website. By determining when you click on our website, we can measure how effective is the presence of our website. Site measurement statistics can be used next to the personalization of your web site experience, - anonymous and holistically - the evaluation of the statistics on the use of the website.

Your IP address (a number appointed for your computer when you have traveled on the Internet), the web traveler type you are using and the operating system you are using can also be collected and connected to your personal information. This is necessary to provide our website to present the best web experience for visitors and to ensure effective information resources.

Some pages you visit can collect information by the use of pixel labels that can be shared with third parties that support the promotional activities of the sealight and the development of the website directly.

Finally, we can add the information that you have provided us, or other information we have received from third parties. We are realizing this in order to provide more targeted products and services to meet your needs.

Data security

We take reasonable measures to ensure the security of your personal information. All diagnosed personal information is subject to restricted access to prevent unauthorized access, change or abuse.

The agencies or contractors that provide service to the seawash are required to keep the information in question and are not allowed to use this information for any purpose other than fulfilling the services they perform for sea light.

Changes in our policy

Sea light reserves the right to change or cancel this privacy policy. We will announce any new policy here and want to be constantly informed, we will often visit this field.


If you want to report any opinion on this Privacy Policy, orientation, or to inform you about the violation of privacy policy, type in The sea light will take the necessary steps to meet these demands.

In the same way, the sea light is committed to protecting your privacy regarding our websites. Feel free to connect with us for your questions, views or concerns about this Privacy Policy.