Our goal is,

Employed our employees from the nearby environment,

By fitting the legal and ethical rules that concern the social environment and the region, the guests and our staff in this regard,

Prioritizing the perimeter region in the selection of material supplied,

To inform guests for the introduction of the region and encourage them to contribute to the region's

Construction to be done etc. not to hurt the local tissue in activities,

Work together by supporting associations and social institutions in the region,

To determine the improvements to the development of the region and to provide continuity.

In our hotel, the following activities are carried out within the scope of social responsibility;

  • Environmental cleaning activities and nature trips are organized along with Kusadasi Municipality and Ekodosd (Eco System Protection and Nature Lovers Association).
  • EkodoSD (Eco System Protection and Nature Loves Association) and the Nature Trips are arranged with our staff.
  • Environmental trainings are organized in schools in our region.
  • Children's Grinding Institutions are free of charge in our hotel.
  • The clothes do not use our staff are donated to the peace of tranquility.
  • Between 2011-2017, free Turkish art music, Turkish folk music, classical music and jazz music are performed.
  • In the month, there is a supplementary support to the Anaia excavations where archaeological studies continue in our region.
  • The supply of material is primarily studied with our region firms. Also prioritized the local people in the choice of staff
  • Donations are made to voluntary associations such as the Association of Supporting Contemporary Life, Environmental Publishing Association. Sewage planting activities are carried out by these associations.
  • The maintenance of our needy animal friends around the hotel is undertaken by our hotel.
  • Since the surrounding birds are negatively affected, fireworks shows were removed by our management decision.
  • All of our guests have been prepared to be informed about the environment and local.
  • The trainings related to recycling and environmental awareness of the staff are regularly provided.
  • Our staff is encouraged for waste oil recycling. Competitions are held for the oil collection.

Fidder Planting Certificate (May 19 Ataturk Memorial Youth and Sportal Day), Environmental Activities, 2018
Fidant Planting Certificate (Çanakkale Year 100th Year of Sea Victory), Environmental Activities, 2018
Thanks Certificate (LET'S CLEAN EUROPE Environmental Cleaning Event), Kusadasi Municipality / Ekodosd, 2018
Thanks Certificate (Clean and Green Kusadasi Handle Cleaning Event), Kusadasi Municipality / Ekodosd, 2018
Thanks Certificate, Turkey Basketball Federation, 2014
Certificate of thanks (due to the sensitivity shown to the protection of sea creatures), environmental events, 2014
Thank you certificate, MTA high school in pigeon, 2014